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BOO! Welcome to Ghost Reviews, where everything is either ghastly or ghostly, or just plain stupid!
The first order of business today is a webcomic called F@NBOY$. For those of you who can’t read that, it’s Fanboys. Fanboys is a webcomic made by the wonderful Scott DeWitt. If I’m not mistaken, (but I probably am) Fanboys was made in 2006. It is a Gamer webcomic, so by definition, people just assume that it’s either THE BEST THING EVER OMG or that it’s hideous, as at least 99% of Gamer webcomics are horrible. But Fanboys is one of those rare, exceptional Gamer webcomics that is…well….good! At first the art was horrible, AND drawn in MSPaint(no offense, Mr. Hussie). The thing is, it had amazing writing! For several years, fans of Fanboys bothered and pestered Mr. Dewitt to get art classes, so I’m told, and when he came back, BAM! Everything changed. But for the better, mind you. His character’s facial expressions are out of this world! That’s one of the reasons I would recommend this comic. If you are interested in reading it, then I would suggest starting at the comic, The Boys are Back.
The roster of characters is as follows: Lemmy, a guy who never exactly left adolescence and is the household Nintendo Guy, and goes crazy when someone disses Nintendo. He was raised by video games.; Paul, the Sony Guy who has made a deal with death to never die through paying him every so often. He is a master of DDR.; Sylvia, the XBox gal, who is very intimidating despite being a girl(I’m being sexist against my own sex! GASP) who wears pink(even MORE discrimination!); and finally, Patches the cat. I…can’t actually remember if Patches is a girl or a boy. Sorry!

Okay, so here’s how everything’s gonna be thrown down, as far as ratings go.
Family Friendliness- Wether or not your 5 year old cousin could read this and you wouldn’t get kicked out of the house for showing him this
Art- Wether or not your eyes will BLEED from looking at this
Consistency- How often it updates, or if it updates at all
And finally, Plot- if there is one, then this comes into play.

For Family Friendliness, I would say that it’s for teens and up. It does have some of what one might call, ‘suggestive themes’, and a bit of swearing if I’m not mistaken.
Art- It deserves a triple thumbs up for this. I mean, come on! It’s amazing!
Consistency- It’s not doing so well with consistency in updating, but that’s okay. Mr. Dewitt has a busy life! I can’t really give him a thumbs down for being busy, can I?
Plot- It’s a Gamer webcomic and doesn’t need a plot. End of story.

So there you have it! A Ghost Review, fresh of the griddle, steaming hot and filled with chocolate chips. Please join me again on Thursday for another

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